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India - Infrastructure - Engineering Industry


Engineering Industry

Heavy Industry

Heavy Engineering Industry is one of the largest segments of Industrial production. It occupies a whole range of industries such as Heavy Electricity Machinery. Turbines, Generators, Transformers, Switchgears, Textile Machinery etc. The Index of Industrial Production figures of 8 of the 16 major industry groups show substantial growth with the rates ranging from 6% to 28%.

Thought there was some signs of recovery in the third quarter of 2002-2003 the stimuli seems to have dissipated quickly.  The problem with the cotton textile sector has also continued to perform badly in the last two years. The only positive development is the measures announced for the textile industry in the recent budget.

Trends across major sectors show that growth in the two lead sectors-capital goods and consumer non-durable goods-have decelerated but still remain at the double-digit levels. This has, however, been compensated by the strong recovery in the intermediate goods segment. A major concern is the lackluster performance of the consumer durable goods segment over the last year with production declining for the first time since themed-nineties.

Electrical Industry

In India, the entire range of circuit breakers from bulk oil, minimum oil, air blast, vacuum to SF6 are manufacture to standard specification for the benefit of customers.  The range of products produced cover the entire voltage range for 240 V to 420 V.  Switchgear and control gear, MCBs, air circuit breakers, switches, rewireable fuses and HRC fuses with their respective fuse bases, holders and starters are being produced to customer ' specifications as well s to standard specifications. Motor control systems based on microprocessor and computer control are also available for power stations, load dispatch centers, major receiving centers and industrial complexes.

Machine Tools Industry

Tools Industry is the backbone of the entire industrial engineering sector, is today in a position to export general purpose and a standard machine tool to even industrially advanced countries.  During the last four decades, the machine tool industry in India has established a sound base and there are around 125 machine tool manufactures in the organized sector as also around 300 units in the small ancillary sector.

Mining Equipments

The major mining equipment are Longwall Mining Equipment, Road Header, side Discharge Loader (SDL), Haulage Winder, Ventilation Fan, Load Hauldumper (LHD), Coal Cutter, Conveyors Battery Loco, Pumps, friction Prop. etc, At present there are 32 manufactures in the organized sector both in public and private sector for underground and surface mining equipment of various types.  Out of these 17 units manufacture underground mining equipment.  The production for 2000-2001 & 2001-2002 was Rs. 149.52 crore and Rs. 238.86 rore respectively.  The vast majority of mining equipment requirement f the mining industry is being met by the indigenous manufactures of the equipment.  In case of some highly sophisticated equipment, critical parts are imported.  The orts and exports of mining machinery during 2001-2002 were Rs. 28.93 crore and Rs. 11 lakhs respectively.

Heavy Electrical Industry

Among the Third World countries, India is major exporter of heavy and light engineering goods, producing a wide range of items. The country also makes construction machinery, equipment for irrigation projects, diesel engines, tractors, and transport vechicles, cotton textile and sugar mill machinery. The heavy electrical industry meets the entire domestic demand. Electrical equipment such as motors, transformers, switchgears etc, are issued by all sectors of the Indian Economy. Some major areas where these are used are the multi-crore projections for power generation including nuclear power stations, petrochemical complexes, and chemical plants integrated steel plants, non-ferrous metal units etc.

The existing installed capacity in the industry is of the order of 4500 MW of thermal, 1345 MW of Hydro and about 100 MW of gas based power generation equipment per annum.

The Heavy Electrical Industry is capable of manufacturing transmission and distribution equipment upto400 KV AC and high voltage DC.  The domestic Heavy Electrical equipment manufactures are making with respect to product designs and upgrading of manufacturing & testing facilities.

The Capacity established for manufacture of various kinds of turbines such as steam &  hydro turbines including industrial turbines is more than 7000 MW per annum. The range of BHEL includes steam turbines upto 500 MW unit ratin, which they are planning to enhance upto 600 MW. They have capability to manufacture Gas Turbines upto 255 MW (ISO) rating

BHEL is the largest engineering and manufacturing enterprise in India in the energy related/infrastructure sector today It has been earning profits continually since 1971-72 and paying dividends since 1976-77.

BHEL manufactures over 180 products under 30major product groups and caters to core sectors of the Indian Economy viz.  Power generation & transmission, industry transportation, telecommunication, renewable energy etc.

Petroleum Industry

The petroleum industry in India is undergoing a major change.  In accordance with the ongoing process of labialisation, the industry has been thrown open for private sector in all the major areas of exploration, production, refining and marketing, resulting in increased demand for the oil field and related equipment.  The users are ONGC, Oil India Ltd.  on charter - hire basis. Domestic manufactures are manufacturing drilling rigs for on-shore drilling.  For Offshore drilling like jack-up rigs etc are not being manufactured indigenously.  However, offshore platform and some other technological structures are being produced locally.  The major producers are BHEL, Hindustan Shipyard, Mazagon Dock and Burn & company Limited.

Sugar Industry

Domestic manufactures of sugar machinery occupy a predominant position in the global scenario.  They are capable of manufacturing sugar plants of latest design for a capacity upto 10,000 TCD.  There are presently 27 units in the organized sector for the manufacture of complete sugar plants and components with a current level of production value of Rs. 136.87 crores against installed capacity of Rs. 200 crores.

The range of equipment includes cane handling and milling plants.  Evaporator, Bagasse Drying plants, Centrifugals, Weighing and Bagging Machine etc.  besides complete sugar plants.

Textile Industry

Indian Textile Machinery Manufactures are manufacturing textile machinery required for sorting, cording and processing of yarns/fabrics and weaving along-with the components, spares and accessories.  The industry has developed over the last five decades and ins one of the oldest industries catering to the needs of textile sector. The Textile Machinery Industry are endeavoring to upgrade the production of sophisticated machines so as to cater to the needs of garments and weaving sector.


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