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Bidding Guidelines For I.C.B. Tenders

The Bidding Process

Bid Resources

General Terms and Conditions

Bid Issues

Competition Analysis

Bid Final Analysis


Know Your Customers

    .  Maintain customer's organigrammes
    .  Update organigrammes regularly
    .  Maintain updates on customer's activities
    .  Maintain frequent customer contact to gain advance knowledge of upcoming tenders

Know Your Competition

    .  Product information, organization structure and people
    .  Strengths & Weaknesses
    .  Published Price Lists
    .  Special discounts
    .  Marketing and Sales Strategy

  Preparations after receiving tender / Request for Quote (RFQ)

    .  Thorough readings of tender document
    .  Define Scope of Work and legal obligations to the contract
    .  Understand the customer's decision making process
    .  Understand the customers bid evaluation criteria
    .  Identify the competition and price trends according to latest information
    .  Brainstorming session by key team members
    .  Finalize your Strategy for product and pricing to be offered
    .  Attractive presentation of bid

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  Result Analysis

    .  Prepare competition analysis as per technical and commercial information announced in bid opening
    .  Evaluate the technical and commercial deviations of competition
    .  Evaluate exclusive benefits offered by competition
    .  Hold brainstorming session and define follow-up strategy for marketing and sales team
    .  Irrespective of the results, make a final analysis for future references

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