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Development of Export Trade 
Nepal's foreign trade was confined with India till early Nepal pursued an export expansion and trade diversification policy in its First Five Year Plan which was launched in 1956. With further incorporation of commodity and country-wise trade diversification policy and programmes in the Fourth Five Year Plan (1970-1975) and subsequent liberal export policies and strategies pursued by His Majesty's Government of Nepal in latter years, the export sector began to grow in a favourable manner. Destinations of Nepalese exports recorded to 78 countries and the number of export products has gone up to 50 in the year 1992/93. Besides, Nepal has been also carrying on its's traditional barter trade with Tibet, the Autonomous Region of the People's of Republic of China. Nepal's recent endeavour to embark on an open market economy has further enhanced the scope of export growth by creating environment conductive to the manufacturing sector.

Export Structure

The structure of exports has undergone significant changes in the recent years shifting towards manufactured goods. During past few years, while the export of traditional items such as Rice, Raw Jute and other Forest and Agro-based materials barring Pulses and Niger seeds have declined either to non-existence or to nominal products are increasing substantially. At present, Nepal's major export products include Hand-knotted Woollen Carpet and Readymade Garments. These two items together constituted 85.5 percent of total overseas export of the country in 1992/93 whereas the share of these items in country's total overseas export was only 4.7 percent in 1980/81.

Export Destination

In the year 1992/93, the major markets for Nepalese export were Germany(48%), USA(21%) and India(10%). The fundamental feature of Nepal's direction of trade is the reduction in her exports to India. In 1975/76 India accounted for 74.9 percent of total exports, but in 1991/92 Nepal's exports to India declined to 10.5 percent and it remained almost the same in 1992/93. The share of overseas countries in Nepal's exports, however, rose to 88 percent in 1991/92 and again 89.4 per cent in 1992/93 from 22.3 percent in the year 1975/76.

Export Performance

Since 1990/91 the export pattern of Nepal has upward trend. Export earning, Rs. 7344 million in 1990/91, increased to the extent of Rs. 13838 million in the year 1991/92. It further registered an improvement over previous year at Rs. 17333 million in the year 1992/93. Commodity-wise export performance in 1992/93 was much better in cases of Hand-knotted Woollen Carpet, Readymade Garments, Lentils, Woollen Goods, Goat Skins and Niger Seeds. The performance of other exportable products like Handicrafts, Silverware and Jewellery, Leather Goods, Hides, and Nepalese Paper and Paper Products also remained as significant as before. Items like Cotton and Polyester Yarn, Cotton and Polyester Fabrics, Towel and Woollen and Acrylic Blankets emerged as new promising export products of the country in the year 1992/93.

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