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Important Contacts






Policies (Trade Policy)

The role of public sector will be minimized and used as a catalyst to expand the role of private sector in trade. 

A liberal and dynamic trade policy will be pursued with the objective to improve balance of payments position by promoting exports to increase foreign exchange earnings as well as by fulfilling internal demand of economic and quality products. 

Production of quality goods and services will be increased for internal consumption as well as for exports through effective and appropriate utilization of economic resources. 

Special efforts will be made to promote and diversify trade both in the range of commodities and country destinations. 

Liberal procedures will be adopted for encouraging interactions between trade and industry for sustained export promotion and for fulfillment of internal demand through increased domestic production. Emphasis will be given on modernizing management and technology, on promoting market and on attracting direct foreign investment in order to identify and develop new products as well as raise the production and quality of the traditional products. 

The public sector trading corporations will gradually be privatized taking into considerations the development and efficiency of the private sector. 

In support to above policy measures, necessary steps-as pre-conditions-relating to foreign exchange, monetary and fiscal policies, will be taken up towards (full ) convertibility of the Nepalese currency in trade and service sectors. For this purpose, major changes will be made in the administrative procedures to make them simple, transparent and dynamic. 

Taxation system will be simplified by introducing necessary changes in order to foster competition in trade. 

Emphasis will be laid on institutional development and information network as well as on monitoring system and quality improvement for the promotion of foreign trade. 

The existing trade treaties and agreements with various countries and international agencies will be effectively implemented and new ones will be concluded, as and when necessary, for the promotion of international trade

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