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General Section

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Economic Policy




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Important Contacts

Energy ( Oil & Gas )

B.E.S.T - Brown Energy System Technology   [English, Korean]    Introduces Brown Gas generator, a device that produces a non-explosive and pollution free fuel. Click on this site to get a detailed information on Brown Gas, a new energy source for the future with explanation about the excellent applicability and economy 

Daehan GM Corporation   [English, Korean]    The site of gas apparatus manufacturing company, Daehan GM Corporation explains company introduction and history, products' specialty and fading in details. You can order on-line.

Hansuk Chemicals Co., Ltd.   [English, Korean]    Introduces Hansuk Chemicals Co.,Ltd history and their branch companies-Korea Petroleum Industrial Co., Ltd. and Hansuk Petrochemicals Co., Ltd. Gives information about their products-waterproofing membranes, asphalt, coatings and butyl products. Telephone

Hosung Petrochemical Co., Ltd.   [English, Korean]    Introduces Korean petrochemical company Hosung Petrochemical Co., Ltd. founded in 1978. Provides information on its history, major products such as petrochemicals, specialty chemicals and polyurethane's.

Hydro cracker in Korea performing well   [English]    Explains the overall characteristics of the hydrocrack complex of Ssangyong oil refining corporation with pictures.

Hyundai Refined Oil   [English, Korean]    Introduces Oil bank- its management policy and operation situation. Oil bank deals with all types of petroleum, from crude petroleum to highly refined oil. Works on developing a new form of energy. Lead-free type is its major product.

Kiam Industrial Gases Ltd.   [English, Korean]    Introduces industrial gas company Kiam Industrial Gases Ltd. Supplies industrial gas to electronic, steel, welding and petrochemical industries. Provides information on its products and services. Includes the unit conversion chart.

KOGAS   [English, Korean]    Provides gas related data : the importing conditions, spending quantity, consumer price and LNG pipe conditions.

Korea Gas Corporation   [English, Korean]    Introduces Korea Gas Corporation was established in 1983 to prepare a basis for long-term stable supply of gas. Offers information on major activities such as production and distribution of natural gas including purification and sales of By-products and c

Korea Gas Safety Corporation   [English, Korean]    Introduces to KGS (Korea Gas Safety Corporation). Provides trusted safety diagnosis services for equipment, process and electrical instruments. KGS quality assurance division informs ISO 9000 certification for advanced gas safety management. Links regard

Korea Geumho Petrochemical Co.,Ltd.   [English, Korean]    Introduces Korea Geumho Petrochemical Co.,Ltd., manufacturer of rubber, latex, thermoplastic elastomer, alkyl phenol, butadiene and carbon black. Provides information on product purchase, subsidiaries and R&D institute.

KOREA MARINE BUNKERING CO. & Korea LUBE-OIL MARKETING CO.   [English, Korean]    A petroleum circulation company where near 500 employees work in the 26 shops. Handles petroleum for ships, automobiles and industrial use. Engages generally in provion and transportation of petroleum.

Korea National Oil Corporation (KNOC)   [English, Korean]    The homepage of the 'Korea National Oil Corporation' (KNOC). Main browser menus include: 'Message from CEO', 'Main Businesses', 'Organization', 'Domestic Exploration & Production Activities', etc.

Korea Petrochemical Industry Association(KPIA)   [English, Korean]    Korea Petrochemical Industry Association(KPIA) homepage. Its purpose is striving for good health and development of the petrochemical industry. Information on petrochemical industry of domestic and overseas. Plus details on environment safety.

Korea Petroleum Information Network   [English, Korean]    Provides information on petroleum companies and connected industries. Includes information on petroleum prices, related documents, energy, companies, and state organizations. This site is not open to nonmembers, but you can sign up for free.

Korea Technologies Co.,Ltd.   [English, Korean]    Introduces Korea Technologies Co.,Ltd., exporting idle industrial facilities such as LPG manufacturing facilities to overseas under the turnkey basis. Provides information on its products, plants and email address.

Kwangwoo Parker Co., Ltd.   [English, Korean]    Introduces Kwangwoo Parker Co., Ltd., with information on history, the present state of the technical cooperation and major products.

Kyoung-gi Industries Co., Ltd.   [English, Korean]    Homepage of Kyoung-gi Industrial Co. A company providing automatic alarm system.

LG-Caltex Oil Corporation   [English, Korean]    Introduces LG-Caltex Oil Corporation, Korea's first private oil refining company. LG-Caltex Oil Corporation, one of LG's subsidiaries, was established in 1967 as a joint venture with Caltex Petroleum Corporation of the United States. Provides information

Nam Young Oil Chemical Ind. Co., Ltd.   [English, Korean]    Introduces lubricant producer Nam Young Oil Chemical Ind. Co.,Ltd. Provides information on its products such as heat treating oil, machine oil, process oil, rust preventive oil, metal working oil, insoluble cutting oil, hydraulic oil, petroleum wax, grease

Seoul City Gas Company   [English, Korean]    This company provides city gas using gas system and scada system for safety. Presents its products, price, and purchasers.

Seoul Energy Co.   [English, Korean]    Introduces Seoul Energy Co, a local energy supplier of combined heat and power plant. Describes combined heat & power plant, district heating-cooling and resources recovery plant.

Ssang Yong Oil Company   [English, Korean]    Introduces the company, its brief history, products, services and investment information. Links to Ssang Yong Head Office.

Yusung Oil Co.,Ltd.   [English, Korean]    Produces industrial lubricating oil. Provides an introduction, purpose and characteristics of lubricating oil, categorized by various purposes, such as industrial lubricant, special oil, an internal combustion engine lubricant and metal processing lubricate


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