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General Section

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Tax Structure

Tax System

Important Contacts

Important Contacts

Tax Structure ( Custom Guide )

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Customs Information and Guide for moving personal, household effects, removals, and baggage. Guide covering all major countries updated annually. Please contact us for further information and specific advice or assistance if required


Documents required

Customs Prescriptions


Removal goods.

Shipper must provide :
Non-Immigrant or Residence Visa, valid for one year.
Work Permit if available, valid for one year.
Origin agent must provide :
Two legible copies of packing inventory,
Original copy of OBL or airway bill,
Shipments must be marked on the OBL and airway bills as "Used Personal Effects" only,
Shipment has to be consigned to full name of shipper c/o his organization or company, giving the contact address,
Shipper has to be present Power of Attorney not accepted.

1. Duty free entry for used personal effects and household goods but only on 1 (one) shipment.
. Household effects under 6 months in age are subject to duties.
3. Although the shipper may import more than one shipment, he remains subject to full import duties on the second shipment. We recommend consolidation of shipment prior to their arrival in Thailand.
4. Personal and household effects must be imported not earlier than one month prior to arrival and not later than six months after the arrival of the importer, but the Director General of Customs is empowered to extend the said period in such exceptional circumstances as he deems necessary.

Duty free entry available to :
Returning Thai resident who has lived abroad for more than 12 months,
Non-Thai, holder of Thai Residence Visa for at least one year.
Persons possessing a one year non-immigrant visa with a valid work permit at the time shipment is imported.
All other categories are subject to high taxes.
Extraordinary fees are much higher when shipments arrive loose-packed in steamship containers.

Diplomats' removals.

A set of packing lists,
Bill of Lading or A.W.B.
to be received by agent two weeks prior to arrival of goods.

Diplomatic shipments are allowed duty-free entry into the Kingdom.




Documents required

Customs Prescriptions


Wedding trousseaux.


Wedding gifts would be subject to duty per the appropriate tariffs.




Would be subject to duty unless Thai citizen could satisfy Government residence requirement.


New furniture and household goods.


Subject to duty, i.e. tax on wooden furniture 71% of CIF value.


Works of art.

No document required, if part of household effects.




No document required, if part of the household effects. It is advised to specify antiques on import documentation to prove their importation in order to facilitate their exportation later.

Must have a picture of item.
Must appear on packing list.
Some Asian antiques, especially religious artifacts require Fine Arts dept approval for export whether imported by shipper or not.


Precious metal objects (jewellery coins).

No document required, if part of the household effects.



Household appliances. (part of removal)

No document required, if part of the household effects.

Duty free entry

Only one unit of each and being a used item.

Household appliances. (imported separately)


Subject to payment of duties.

Applies also to second appliances, as well as new ones.

Electrical appliances.

Same as household appliances.




No document required, if part of the household effects.



Sport articles.

No document required, if part of the household effects.



Presents, souvenirs.

No document required, if part of the household effects.



Motor vehicles (automobiles and motorcycles).

Automobile registration of the foreign country.
Driver's licence of the country from which the car was exported,
Original B/L
Import permit (must be available before car is shipped to Thailand)
Documents issued by the immigration division, Police Department granting permission for applicant to enter and establish residence in Thailand.
In the event that the applicant enters Thailand to work for the Government or other institutions, a letter of certification from the Government Office or institution must be presented.

Automobile registration must show that the applicant has had legal possession or ownership for more than one year from the date indicating ownership until the date which the applicant left that country.
Driver's licence of the country in which the automobile was used which shows that the licence was together with the automobile for more than one year.

Automobile cannot be imported unless the applicant applies for the permission and receives the permission from the Ministry of Commerce before shipping the automobile into the Kingdom.
This permission is very difficult to obtain for owners of a foreign passport.
Automobiles and motorcycles are dutiable items (whether new or old).
Autos up to 2400 cc duty is137% of CIF value.
Autos over 2400 cc duty is 210% of CIF value.
Motorcycles pay duty at 72% of CIF value.
Free duty exemptions are provided to diplomatic organizations

Other vehicles (bicycles, water vehicles).

See automobiles / motorcycles for water vehicle.

Duty free entry for bicycles provided they are 6 months old.
Water vehicles : are subject to duty.


Machines, appliances, spare parts.


Subject to duties per the appropriate tariffs.



Should be declared on packing list (number of bottles listed).

Subject to duty of 60%



Same as wine but import licence needed. (takes a long time to obtain it).

Subject to duty of 60%.

Not to be included in household shipments.


Same as wine.

Subject to duty of 72%.



Import permit required.

Subject to duty of 72%.



Health certificate.

Prohibited : Several plants, fruit, parts and products of plants from many countries.
Enquire in advance with Consulate or other authority.


Arms and ammunition.


Import prohibited.

Not to be included in household shipments.

Dangerous goods.

Must be clearly declared.

Import generally permitted.

Seek your agent's advice before shipping.


No document required, if part of the household effects.



Narcotics, drugs.

Same as medicine, if being used for medical purposes.



Cats, dogs, other animals.

Certificate of vaccination(rabies). Must not be older than10 days at the date of arrival,
Health certificate from veterinarian at point of origin. Must not be older than 30 days at the date of arrival,
Copy of AWB,
No quarantine,

Are subject to duties by Thai Government.

Origin agent should fax or telex their agent approx date of shipping pet 10-15 days in advance.
This fax or telex should arrive during office hours.
The animal should arrive during day time. If arrival is after 4 p.m, special customs clearance can be arranged, provided flight details are known 48 hours in advance.

Pornographic literature, Shortwave radios.


Prohibited from importation.


General remark.



Shipper can ship household effects loose in steamship container, but then it is suggested to use 20 ft container(s) as 40 ft containers are not practical for the Bangkok roads.

The customs and/or other information offered here is provided voluntarily and free of charge. To the best of our knowledge this information is true and correct, and is offered in good faith. We cannot accept any responsibility for any change in Customs Rules, or Regulations or for new Legislation in any Jurisdiction. Nor will we be responsible for any error or mis-interpretation by other parties from whom such Information is obtained, or on our part. The client is bound to check such Information, Rules, Regulations or Legislation with the authorities concerned before accepting it as true and correct.

No reproduction in whole or in part without written permission of Excess Baggage PLC and/or FIDI Brussels. Individuals may copy any part of this site for their own private and personal use, providing it is not used commercially, for profit, or for gain, in any way whatsoever.


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