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About Company

We export high quality of Indonesian Mangrove Kachi Charcoal, harvested from our own licensed mangrove forest and heated by using our own kilns built in the forest . In 2007, we bought some abandoned shrimp farms with total area of about 100 acres, situated in Pangkalan Susu Sub-District, Langkat Regency, North Sumatera Province, Indonesia, and transform them become a beautiful scene of mangrove forest. Now the barren land has been planted with more than a million of mangrove trees with every single piece of 5 to 7 metres height. Besides, we also have strong partnership and collaboration with the local and other region mangrove charcoal producers in order to support our continuous and sustainable supply for our customers. Wonder if you are interested to buy our mangrove charcoal. Details as follows: MANGROVE KACHI CHARCOAL Grade A Specs : black charcoal, stick type , no odor/smoke/chemical, 100% natural. Length : 10 to 23 cm (4 to 9 inch), Diameter: 0.7 to 1.7 inch (2 to 4cm) Packing : 30 kg/PP bag, 25 tons/40 feet container (840 bags) Also available size length 2-3 inch and under 2 inch. Please visit our website at sellcharcoal[dot]com for further information. Feel free to contact us at : info[at]sellcharcoal[dot]com if you have any question. Thanks