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About Company

Silk Road Foods grows, processes, and provides services to deliver high quality natural foods, with a focus on freeze dried, air dried, sun dried vegetable and fruits, food ingredients, spices & herbs, concentrates, flavorings, pigments, and extracts. Our company grows, processes, and trades in food ingredients such as Air Dried Vegetables & Fruit, Herbs & Spices, Kidney Beans, and Edible & Oil Seeds. We have the ability to supply over 35,000 Metric Tons of Air Dried Vegetables a year. We have our own varieties of hybrid seeds, 100,000mu growing base, lots of sunshine and manpower located in the natural regions of North West China, supporting agriculture and food processing facilities. (FDA, ISO, Kosher, HACCP, ISTA, QIC) Our parent company Silk Road Resources also provides contract growing, food processing, and seed industry services to meet the different custom needs of the diverse global market. 

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