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About Company

Baozhu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd specializes in the R&D production and distribution of thermal protectors, especially micro-size ones, with wide application in Ni-MH/Ni-CD battery packs, motors, pumps, ballasts, transformers, coil, winding, potable power tools, electric heating appliances, home appliances. Baozhu has engineers with more than 20 years R&D experience, and managers with 10 years experience in the manufacturing and marketing, normative but flexible. Baozhu has developed 5 series (TB02, TB05, TB10, TB11, TB25, TB50) thermal products, characterized by 3 advantages:1) compact structure (the smallest model in china), with the regular size 15.4*5.4*2.4mm, easy for installation;2) over-heat and over-current dual protection, much more reliable than ordinary thermal protectors; 3) the operating temperature as low as 30 degree, close to ambient temperature. 

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