Huate Gas CO.,ltd, China

East of Wentou Mountain, Jinfeng Road, Heshun, Lishui Town, Nanhai District ,528241

About Company

Huate Gas is a leading specialty gas companies in China. There are nearly 1200 employees working in 18 subsidiaries across China mainland, and two overseas subsidiaries in Canada and Hong Kong.    We are enjoying the benefit of fast-growing China economy; meantime we export products to Vietnam, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Korea, Singapore, Iran, Nigeria, U.A.E and many other overseas markets. We contribute to the customers' value by offering quality products at competitive price.    We produce, purify or mix many specialty gases such as CF4, NO, Xe, N2O,SIF4 HE BF3,CO, C3H6, SF6, CH4,SF6,SIF4 and many other special gases. Our products almost cover all range of the industrial applications. 

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