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About Company

King Pigeon Hi-Tech Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer of GSM Alarms, GSM Alarm Systems, GSM SMS Controller Alarm, GSM Medical Alarm, GSM Commercial Alarm, GSM Telemetry, GPRS Data Logger in the worldwide which established in 2005. Our major/new products are: 1. GSM Home Alarm system: S3526/S3523/S100/S110/S120/S160(New). 2. Wireless and Wired sensor/detectors, IR beam sensors, outdoor PIR sensor with solar panel,etc. 3. GSM Elderly Guarder A10/A11. 4. GSM Gate Opener RTU5015. 5. GSM SMS remote relay controller S130/S140/S150 and RTU5010/RTU5011. 6. GPRS RTU Data Logger/Remote Controller S200/S220/S240, and SCADA system. 7. GSM GPRS outdoor rainproof alarm and remote controller S250. 8. GPRS Temperature Logger S260/S261/S262/S263/S264. 9. GSM Modem, GPRS RTU DTU,Modbus RTU S280/S281. 10. New Arrival: RTU5016/RTU5017/RTU5018/RTU5019 GSM Temperature alarm unit, GSM Relay controllers,etc. 

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