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Jiangsu Tianyu Agricultural Machinery Co.,Ltd., the famous low temperature grain drying machine manufacturing enterprises in China, Located in high-tech entrepreneurship center park of Jiangyan city. The company adhering to the “pursuit of excellence, build boutique product� business philosophy. According to the actual needs of grain dryer in China, we developped and produced the Tianyu 5HXG series dry machine with the national patent and intellectual property rights. Tianyu 5HXG series rain dryer adopts the transverse channels dry department structure, with Characteristics of thin grain layer, large drying area, high heat efficiency, grain seeds heating evenly. All products are controlled by PLC technology, moisture meter continuous monitoring online, touch screen control, and temperature sensor for multipoint measurement and control technology. Ensure the machine automation level of product in the leading position in the industry. Tianyu 5HXG series grain dryer according to different corps with different preassemble of drying process, can be adapted to rice, wheat, soybeans, corn, sorghum and other crops drying requirements, automatically drying process and unattended. We established a strategic cooperation relationship with the China Ministry of Agriculture of Nanjing Agricultural Mechanization Institute. 

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