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About Company

Zhengzhou Decheng Auto Sales Co.,Ltd established in 2008 which located at the capital of Henan. We have a big advantage as convenient transportation including railway and road transportation. The famous brand bus like Yutong, Kinglong, Golden dragon ,Neoplan, Man sets a reliable and friendly relationship with us. All our employee has a grown experience on bus and bus parts. Because of our hard working, we have expanded our business more than 23 provinces in China.And now, our aim is all over the world.Mainly products: Engine: Cummins,Yuchai,Weichai brand engine and its parts Gearbox:Qijiang,Hangchi,ZF brand gearbox and its parts Chassis:Hande,Fangsheng,Meichi axle and chassis parts Other parts for bus: bus body parts, windscreen and side glasses,internal trims and electric parts etc. Our leading products: Peidelai generator, USA gates belt, bus glasses ,bus door, rearview mirror and combination lamp etc. outlook accessories. We base on the belief of with our honest service, making you a enough benefit space. To seek a win-win cooperation ways between you and us,the bus maintenance department or company and bus parts dealers and retailers both around and in China are the partner of us. Let's go for a same demand and open a new supply chain from manufacturing area to service department. We promise that Chinese bus will export to all over the world and Chinese bus parts service will go along with them too.