Aroccom Technology Co.,Ltd, China

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About Company

Aroccom Technology,professionalconsumer electronic product manufacturer. We are confident that AROCCOM is a leading manufacturer of high-quality tablet pc, power bank, bluetooth speaker, smartphone accessories, computer accessories and wireless communication devices etc. We are devoted to technology development, to new technology and products application, to observing and looking for ways to make life easier, more convenient, more environmental, and more comfortable. AROCCOM provides OEM, ODM, wholesale, distribution services relating to the productsabove for people, companies and government or agencies all around the world. As a sincere and professional service provider, we also provide procurement services in mainland China to our customers. Currently, besides the production base of electronic products in mainland China, AROCCOM also has supply chain sources of design and development, production, logistics with high quality. Out of these outstanding and loyal partners, our manufacturers have many years’ experience in professional production, as well as rich professional expertise and skills in products; they also have experience in production control and quality management. What’s more, they provide products to lots of well-known brands in the world. They are our excellent and loyal corporation partners.