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Clear (Shenzhen) Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd, Being one of the leading manufacturers of ultrasonic cleaners, , we have already established series of professional style models mainly made of stainless steel. Owe to well-equipped factory in Shenzhen city, plus our experienced engineers and skillful workers, we are proud of our products being worldwide popular resulted from years of exporting history, to over 15 overseas countries and more to come in the future. Various models are available covering full range of size, function and power. All of our products must pass strict quality control, meeting the evaluations of CE/FCC/RoHS certifications. Innovative easily-operated digital control panels, durable components and PCB, reliable packing, economic price but excellent quality, which are major factors to make our models popular for cleaning purpose applied for fields such as Jewellery, Optical, Electronic parts and PCB, Medical and dental, Machinery parts, Tattoo, Ink Cartridge, Lab,Metallic products and many others. In long run future, we will develop more innovative products,bringing more benefits for all of our partners who keep distributing our products.. 

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