Solarpowerd Co.,Limited, China


About Company

Solarpowerd is a fast growing company that develops and manufactures brilliant, clean energy products and solutions for people living and playing on and off the grid. We committed to having a positive, transformative impact on people’s lives and the environment by making our brilliant solar products accessible the world over. Today there are still almost 3 billion people living in energy poverty. Providing affordable, renewable energy sources is a brilliant step in the right direction. 1.6 billion people around the world lack proper access to electricity. Many of these people are forced to rely upon dangerous, toxic, and expensive kerosene lanterns as their primary source of light. Solarpowerd lights are contemporary solution to a problem that belongs in the past. make light more available, affordable, safe, clean and sustainable. Solarpowerd seeks to empower humanity with affordable solar light to promote economic growth, positive social impact and sustainability. Solarpowerd aspires to eradicate Energy Poverty by providing humanity with affordable, renewable sources of light and power to enrich lives. Solarpowerd lights are intended for use by any human being, whether on or off the grid, in our shared need for light. Let's leave behind dirty, expensive fuels and adopt the sun's free energy as a path forward to a healthier, more productive future.