PanAn Fullcolor Stainless Steel Miracles Casting, China

NO.8 Yucai road ,322300

About Company

PANAN fullcolor stainless steel miracles casting co. Ltd. is located in NO.8 YuCai road,Pan'An city, zhejiang province, china. The company specializes in the design of stainless steel, casting and manufacturing, and sales.The company has the unique patented technology in the world and we can produce stainless steel products in a wide range of colors without dyeing, just with electroplating, which solves a lot of problems in stainless steel metal that we used to get stuck on. The Products include as follows: large casting products, wall murals, TV background, flowers and other green furnishing articles, brands and nameplates, artwork of handrail and staircase, artificial plants and trees, streetlight in tree-like shape, archaized vase, large human statues and so on. According to customers' demands, the products can be dyed with different colors. The color of the products will turn the wanted naturally after casting and it will never fade. The company can also customize products in accordance with design concepts from customers. Samples, pictures and relevant design concepts from customers are welcomed for common development of the market. 

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