Maanshan Woden Mechanical Technology Co.,Ltd, China

No. 88, Hongqi South Road, Economic & Technological Development Zone Branch ,243000

About Company

Ma'anshan Woden Mechanical Technology Co.,Ltd is a advanced manufacture company that offers our clients a wide hydraulic tools of experience and technology.Our teams of professionals has,on average,15 years of experience in the hydraulic tools industry.Our clients include Fortune 500 corporations-Sinopec & Bao Steel ,XCM and many companies worlwide. Our hydraulic tools include:hydraulic torque wrenches,pump for hydraulic torque wrenches,hydraulic cylinders,hydraulic hand pumps,hydraulic pullers,electric pump,hydraulic bolt/nut tensioners and many other hydraulic tools. In the world,"made in Woden" means high quality,and that make us to be the largest hydralic torque wrench manufacturer. Following are the types of Industry Solutions in which we offer: ●Oil and Gas Bolting Solutions ●Mining & Construction Bolting Solutions ●Power Plant Bolting Solutions ●Shipyard Bolting Solutions ●Steel Mills Bolting Solutions ●Locomotive Bolting Solutions ●Offroad Equipment Bolting Solutions ●Cranes Bolting Solutions Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to present Woden Hydraulic.Should you have any questions,please do not hesitate to contact us.