Dragon Soar Hardware&Machineries Co.Ltd, China

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About Company

Dragon Soar Hardware&Machineries Co.Ltd specializes in the wholesale and retail imported and domestic wire EDM cutting machine tools accessories supplies with pore release motor, CNC and other supplies hardware mechanical and electrical products.Our company's products are complete, the price is reasonable, best-selling consumer market, with a number of retailers and agents to establish a long-term stable cooperative relations.We uphold focus on credit, keep the contract, to ensure product quality, to the principles of operating characteristics of many varieties and small profits and quick turnover, for customers to seek more efficient, more perfect solutions, has won the trust of our customers. Our company's main products: LS brass wire,LS resin,Rohm Haas resin,filter,diamond guide,conductive block,water cover,NC brand rust remover K200 and KC12,W-2K,NOVOTEC,RVH600;medium speed wire molybdenum wire,emulsified oil,emulsion soap,guide wheel,alloy conductive block,guide wheel assembly,bearing,fountain edition;Brass tube,copper pipe,guide,drill chuck,blocklets;fixtures,gauges,micrometer,capliper,gauge,block gauge,grinding wheel etc. "One-stop" supply machinery, a full set of accessories, to provide customers with industry, efficient service, cost-effective products to optimize the output cost of the enterprise.Our company can issue 3% general ticket and 3%&17%VAT invoice. For you to create a more flexible and secure trading platform.