Dated : 26 Oct,2018




Asian Trade need aggressive Logistic Infrastructure

In recent study done by team of to understand the Logistic Infrastructure (availability of high quality & price competitive trade services – Transport, Warehousing, Distribution Management etc.,) which will correlate country competitiveness. In recent observation, most of the Asian Countries has gap in Trade Potential and Infrastructure which lead to limit Trade growth. Economy of scale in trade logistics can be substantial. Most of Infrastructure for Logistic Management is facilitated by Government Agencies.

The Trade Facilitation Audit cross-country measure the performance of logistic Infrastructure shows limited focus which limit growth.   

Developing Countries need active strategies to attract trade logistic services that will allow them to expand, particularly when considering the implications of increased security requirements. 

Keshav Gandhi, Founder & CEO, want regional cooperation in Trade and logistic strengthens regional economic growth and integration, allowing greater regional investment in cross border infrastructure projects in Asia. 

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