Food Grade Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate FD-19

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Dec,31, 2023

FD-19 food additive calcium sulfate (dihydrate), select top natural ore in China and even the world, only product carefully by physical purification methods, to ensure the safety, health, no pollution! The range of applications including: beer fermentation, enriched flours and breads, yeast foods, bread conditioners , seafood fresh, carrageenan or sodium alginate setting, etc. Brewing Industry¨DIn brewing Industry, calcium sulfate promotes a smoother£­tasting beer with improved stability and a longer shelf life. Soybeaning Industry¨DCalcium sulfate has been used in China for over 2,000 years to coagulate soy milk to make tofu .Calcium sulfate is essential for certain kinds of tofu. Tofu made from calcium sulfate will be softer and smoother with a mild, bland flavor profile. 1. higher Whiteness, More than 95. 2. higher purity, less impurities, solve the problem of black spots and radioactive. 3. no smell, no pollution, completely solve the problem of product after adding water surface oil pollution. 4. genuine materials used only the best mineral raw materials to meet the strict needs of food safety. To be the best calcium sulfate supplier of the world!

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