Multi-jet water meter

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Dec,31, 2020

FEATURE ¡ôDry type, small, light, 8digits, magnetic drive, magnet ¡ôresistant body, inlet strainer, Low Head loss, easy and long term clear reading etc. WORKING PRINCIPLE ¡ôWater passing through the water meter, causing the turbine to turn. ¡ôThe turbine rotation is magnetically transmitted to the register on which the reading is made. Reeding is accomlished by means of pointersand numbered cylinders with high-resolution. Shock-resistant dial. STANDARD ¡ôCold Water Meter: ISO 4064 Class A ISO 4064 Class B ¡ôHot Water Meter: ISO 4064 Class B WORKING CONDITION: ¡ôWater temperature:¡Ü40¡æ for cold water meter ¡Ü90¡æ for hot water meter MAXIMUM PERMISSIBLE ERROR ¡ô In the lower zone from Qmin inclusive up to but excluding Qt is ¡À5% ¡ô In the upper zone from Qt inclusive up to and including Qs is: cold water meter ¡À2%, hot water meter ¡À3%. NOTE 1.Technical data conform to International Standard ISO4064 2.Both Class B and Class A is available. But Class B is popularly used. 3.Horizontally installation can reach accuracy of Class B.But if vertically installation reachs class A only. ACCESSORIES one meter with 2 pcs tubes,2 pcs nuts and 2 pcs gastkets for coupling.

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