pencil nozzle,nozzle holder,diesel plunger,element,fuel injector nozzle,delivery valve

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Dec,31, 2020

Welcome to contact: Denny Chen TEL: 86-18659004588 Email:infos at MSN: zexparts at Website:http://zexel dot hk Company: Zex Fuel Injection Parts Inc Dear Sir/Madam:we are manufacturer and exporter of diesel fuel injection systems parts and specialize in producing nozzle,element,plunger,delivery valve,head rotor,pencil nozzle,common rail nozzle,nozzle holder and so on,the products exported to more than 100 countries and the products quality gained praise of many clients. For further information,please do not hesitate to contact us,we expect to your response soon. 7W7038 8N7005 4W7017 7N0449 1W5829 4W7019 4W7018 7W7037 9L6884 7W7032 9L6969 9N2366 7M1601 8N1831 8N4694 4W7022 305-518FS 305-525FL 305-525FL 320-045 320-046 321-059 325-005 325-007 325-008 325-039 325-095 325-096 325-103 325-128 325-138 325-142 325-159 325-157 325-159 325-160 325-162 325-163 325-170 325-188 325-421 325-895FL 325-898 375-170 405-004 421-024 421-028 421-039 425-006 425-007 425-016 425-051 425-094 425-099 425-112 425-126 425-201 2455-237 2455-309 2455-310 2455-324 2455-333 2455-356 2455-369 2455-512 2455-518 2455-714 9087-506 A63 A722 A740 A741 315 301-003FL 325-005FL 325-007FL 2455-324 351 352 384 471 431 G-2 A9 A15 A797 A812 A821 A831 A832 A17 A28 A29 A30 A33 A36 A38 A43 A44 A52 A54 A62 A729 A67 A74 A78 A79 A80 A85 A89 A97 A98 A101 A103 A115 A122 A120 A125 A138 A216 A173 A146 A148 A149 A814 A157 A158 A160 A161 A162 A168 A172 A174 A183 A186 A188 A191 A204 A214 A220 A126 A223 A226 A136 A233 A235 A200 A147 A185 A196 A213 A228 A701 A744 A748 A727 A732 A736 A758 A765 A766 A768 A770 A771 A772 A776 A778 A247 A253 A260 A261 A264 A274 A281 A283 A294 A298 P2 P3 P4 P6 PD-3 P25 P53 P27 P30 P31 P38 P44 P48 P49 P51 P55 P74 P78 PD3 P83 P84 P86 P93 P192 P94 P103 P104 P105 P109 P112 P114 P121 P129 P143 P145 P146 P169 P171 P177 P182 P202 P205 P207 P215 P223 P228 P229 P252 P268 P295 P298 P314 P317 P347 L299 KRT 2702 2703 2704 3050 3250 4560 4590 4660 4840 5413 A731 8M-1831 1W6541 4P9830 6N7527 7W0182 6N-7527 1W-6541 1P6400 9H-5797 9H5797 1P-6400 7W-5929 4P-9830 8N-4694 8N-1831 7W5929 8N3539 7W-0182 and so on

Company Profile

ZEX is a Company founded in 1961 and is based in USA. It is specialised in the manufacture of Components for all types of Diesel Fuel Injection Parts in China. and the products cover an extremely vast range of spare parts from Nozzle, Plunger pump, Delivery valve and Head rotor. With 49 years of experience in the Diesel Fuel Injection Field we have acquired a vast technological expertise which accounts for the quality reached in ZEX DIESEL products. We has been supplying for all these years to Diesel Engine Manufacturers, Aftermarket wholesalers and Pump Repair Shops creating a vast network of Distributors in over 100 countries in the world. Our aim and business policy is to give the customer a reliable quality product and service, alternative to the OEM products, and is committed to a continuous improvement of its products reliability. For further information,please do not hesitate to contact us by ([email protected] or [email protected]),we expect to your response soon.