embedded bio-medical electronic teaching experiment instrument

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Dec,31, 2023

The system consists of embedded system and biological data acquisition, combines with embedded microcontroller technology, MMC data storage technology, the embedded OS system software technology, digital processing technology, network communication technology, biosensor technology, medical imaging technology and other key subjects technology. Using the current mainstream 32-bit embedded ARM solutions, hardware covers with general function of the embedded application, including the functions of serial communication circuit, USB main port circuit function, USB port circuit function ,SD memory card peripheral interface circuit, LCD display interface circuit, touch interface circuit and extensive application of wireless communication module function. Biological data collection is made up of different medical sensors, communication through the data protocol and upper computer. Device software runs smart OS operating system and supports real-time and parallel type of the system task. The experiment box provides open software and hardware technical information, matching a complete of software experiment and course, particularly suitable for medical colleges and related professional of the informatization experimental teaching, scientific research and other applications.

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Shenzhen Haitianxiong electronic Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 is an embedded system product development and its application as the main direction of development,a high-tech enter-prises with research,production and sales. company has a skilled, full of innovation and passion forexcellent development team, rought together engineers in electronics, communications, medical equipment, industrial control, embedded systems development, they formed this professional system implementation, hardware and software development, technical support services excellent team.