sodium lignosulphonate as Concrete admixture/dispersing agent/ feed additives/ Leather additives

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1,In the filed of concrete admixture,Sodium lignosulphonate can improve the workability and water of concrete, reduce the initial heat of hydration of cement,as the common water reducing mixture. 2,Sodium lignosulphonate can increase the output of the mill, maintain the normallization of the system, reduce the power consumption, and improve the thickness of coal water slurry. 3. Sodium lignosulphonate can be adopted as the adhesives in the briquetting procedure in the vertical retort zinc smelters. 4. In the agriculture feild,Sodium lignosulphonate can be used in the production of deflocculant ,dispersant and bulking agent of pesticide to improve the suspensibility and wettability of wettable 5. Sodium lignosulphonate series products can be applied as the dispersant of pesticides and pelleting adhesives of fertilizers and feedstuffs. 6,Sodium lignosulphonate can be used as the refractory material and ceramics additives. 7. Binder of powdery and granular materials Sodium lignosulphonate can be used in the press of iron breeze, powered coal, sand mould of cast iron and steel, groud tile, etc. It has highest stability and intensity and also can lubricate matrixes. 8. Feed additives -sodium lignosulphonate 9. Leather additives -sodium lignosulphonate

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