Belt hot vulcanizing splice tie gum

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Dec,31, 2023

RAMIMTECH-Belt hot vulcanizing splice tie gum, is designed for conveyor belt hot vulcanizing and repair.Its special adhesion can ensure the quality of the hot splice. RAMIMTECH belt hot vulcanizing splice tie gum can achieve the superior bonding between rubber to steelcord,rubber to fabric and rubber to nylon, thus to get the best bonding performance. With quality meterials and advanced technical formula,RAMIMTECH belt hot vulcanizing splice tie gum can meet the different strength demands of any customer and ensure the quality of the splice. In 2012, one hot splice with strength of ST6300N, was perfectly done in Yu Lin of Shan Xi province. The fact proves that our materials is trustful worthy of trust. RAMIMTECH- as a supplier focusing on conveyor belt maintenance, our cold and hot vulcanizing materials get consensus from the Conveyor belt manufacturers all over the world. RMIMTECH hot vulcanizing materials can be fit for the steelcord belt which is largest,heaviest,maximum slope and intensity.

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