Sell Bentonite for drilling fluids(CNPC and Sinopec Group supplier)

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Bentonite clay (Offer all types) Bentonite undergoes great expansion when it is caught in water, so it possesses good characteristics of colloids, and it can add viscosity of suspension. When used for drilling mud, it can add lubrification of drilling too can clean rock cuttings produced in the course of drilling well. It can be extensively used for drilling construction of complex tectonic layer to avoid the hole trouble. The product is well-known for the good performance of good hydration, strong expansion with water, large exchange amount of positive ion and high mud production rate. HUAWEI Directional Crossing Bentonite has good Thixotropy andSuspension property ,dissolving speed, strong rheological properties, high mud-making rate, good lubricating performance, low friction coefficient, etc, which made mud soil has stronger ability of carrying drilling cuttings and protect the hole wall and the hole in the wall formed certain mud skin, maintain the stability of hole wall, prevent infiltration of advantages, is the ideal geological exploration drilling and trenchless through engineering materials .According to the requirements of the engineering geological conditions. A.Why choose HW Group? 1) We are the ONLY STATE-LEVEL KEY HIGH-TECH ENTERPRISE of manufacturing bentonite in China. 2) We are the largest bentonite manufacturer in China, and specialized in researching and developing bentonite for over 20 years 3) Own almost 1.5 million square meters bentonite mine with high Montmorillonite content. Also, it's the largest bentonite mine in China. 4) Own tens of state patented technologies and "HUAWEI" brand. 5) We are able to offer you the steady quality all the time with exclusively self-retained technologies, that's different from others. For details please Contact us: Huawei Bentonite Group Tel:+86-5365078756 Mb:+86-18953660268 Skype: cuteweli Website:

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