Westinghouse OVATION DCS 1C31113G02

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Dec,31, 2023

1A54252G02 HMI 1A54289G06 HMI 1A57252G02 HMI 1A57288G06 HMI 1B30016H06 Ovation 1B30016H06 Ovation 1B30023H01 Ovation 1B30023H02 Ovation 1B30035H01 Ovation 1C31107G01 Ovation 1C31110G02 Ovation 1C31113G01 Ovation 1C31113G02 Ovation 1C31113G03 Ovation 1C31113G04 Ovation 1C31113G05 Ovation 1C31113G06 Ovation 1C31116G02 Ovation 1C31116G03 Ovation 1C31116G04 Ovation 1C31122G01 Ovation 1C31125G01 Ovation 1C31125G02 Ovation 1C31129G01 Ovation 1C31129G02 Ovation 1C31129G03 Ovation 1C31129G04 Ovation 1C31132G01 Ovation 1C31147G01 Ovation 1C31147G02 Ovation 1C31161G02 Ovation 1C31164G02 Ovation 1C31166G01 Ovation 1C31169G01 Ovation 1C31169G02 Ovation 1C31150G02 Ovation 1C31161G02 Ovation 1C31164G02 Ovation 1C31166G01 Ovation 1C31179G01 Ovation 1C31181G02 Ovation 1C31203G01 Ovation 1C31204G01 Ovation 1C31205G01 Ovation 1C31206G01 Ovation 1C31219G01 Ovation 1C31223G01 Ovation 1C31224G01 Ovation 1C31224G02 Ovation 1C31227G01 Ovation 1C31227G02 Ovation 1C31232G03 Ovation 1C31233G01 Ovation SOE 1C31233G04 Ovation SOE 1C31234G01 Ovation 1D42128G01 1D54416G01 1D54582G01 1D54582G02 1D54582G03 1D54582G05 1D54582G05 1D54582G06 1X00024H01 1X00024H03 1X00024H04 1X00024H06 1X00046H01 1X00046H02 1X00055H01 1X00093G01 1X00093G04 1X00093G05 1X00093G06 1X00093G07 1X00093H08 1X00093H09 1X00093G10 1X00095H01 1X00097H01 1X00102H01 Ovation 1X00107H01 1X00126H02 NIC 1X00133H01 NIC 1X00161H01 NIC 1X00163H01 1X00163H02 1X00163H03 1X00163H04 1X00185H01 1X00377H01 1X00415H01 NIC 1X00416H01 1X00416H02 1X00416H03 1X00416H04 1X00417H01 1X00417H02 1X00417H03 1X00417H04

Company Profile

hengzhou yuzhe Electronic Technology Co.,ltd specializes in import and export of automation parts, PLCS,DCS,sensors, relays, dirves, instruments, motor, encoder, human machine interface. Our company locats at the central of China,Zhengzhou, Henan Province, combination of technology, industry and trade, who mainly dealing with DCS, PLCs, sensors, and other automation products. With rapid development, Weililn serves fields of automation in global markets, Our business covers five continents throughout the world with the basic conviction of honest, the international management of customer-centered concept and purpose of bringing convenience to customers. We assure that all of our products are original brand with 100% original packing. We have confidence to bring our customers more substantial profit with high-quality service and reasonable prices. Choosing us, you will choose a sincere friend and reliable partner. Please feel free to contact us if you are a global manufacturer of high quality brand products who desires to enter the Chinese market or who searches for a Chinese agent.Weilin Electric would like to create a brilliant future with friends in domestic and overseas. All goods sold have a year warranty.