PLUVIATANK wine fermenting steel tank

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Dec,31, 2021

Pluviatank is an innovative gravityflow vinification system which guarantees high and constant quality in red wine production. Thanks to a user-friendly and high flexible electronic system you can program the intensisty and frequency of the cycles of punping the must over the cap during the fermentation, the must temperature and the running of the mark extraction blade. All thesee function can be executed automatically and so no human labour is needed. Advantages: Flexible use Intense extraction of: Polyfenols, antthocyanis and all the noble substances contained in the grapes. Homogenisation of the temperature of fermentation mass. Effective oxygenation Save on human labour Increase productivity due to faster vinification Intensity of flavours and fragrances, stability of colour You are well come to ask for all the other information that we will send you by envelope.

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