VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) Catalyst

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VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) Catalyst is formed by the first carrier cordierite honeycomb ceramic,second carrier ¦Ã-Al2O3 and the active components noble metal Pd and Pt. It is the new high efficient catalyst for VOC waste gas. 1. Product Features a.Widely application- it can be applied to the industrial waste gas purification which mainly contains monoxide,hydrocarbon and related oxide ramification. b. Lower gas flowing resistance,lower initiative temperature for reaction,high active function,wide range for air speed. When the hydrocarbon concentration is within 500-900mg/m3, the speed range is within 15000-3000h-1,the initiative temperature for the reaction is within 180- 300 centigrade,it can achieved more than 98% purification efficiency. 2. Application Area It can be used for noxious waste gas containing hudrocarbon and monoxide chemicals.Such gas is from many industries such as chemical, food,mechanical,instrument and meters.Household Appliances.Painting,Insulating material and colorful steel. 3.Major Specification and Parameters a. Product shape: square honeycomb ceramic b. Cell shape: round and square c. Specific Surface Area for the carrier: 20m2/g (min) d. Size: 47*47*47,49*49*49,50*50*50,100*100*50,150*150*50(mm*mm*mm) e. Cell density: 30/in2 (square), 8/cm2(round) f. Crushing Strength: A¨R12MPa, B¨R4.5MPa 4. Testing Active Parameters for reaction Purification is more than 98% with related initiative temperature.

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