Fiber Laser Marking Machine CNL-M-FL10

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polywood case
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Dec,31, 2023

The CNL-M-FL10 is a new generation marking system developed by our company using the most advanced technology currently available. The laser is produced utilizing a fiber laser source, The fiber laser marker has high electro-optic conversion efficiency. Air cooling, compact design, excellent beam quality, and high reliability make this a very attractive product, Our fiber laser marking machine are the newest model equipped with fiber laser and high speed galvo scanner imported from U.S.A and Germany. Thanks to the outstanding performance of the fiber laser and galvo scanner, the machine is very suitable for the flying online marking on material of metal and plastics. Fiber lasers are very advanced in laser technology. The fiber lasers are more easily integrated into industrial processes in comparison with conventional lasers due to: Features: 1 Standard wall plug operation and high electrical efficiency ¡¡2 No water cooling ¡¡3 Single mode fiber delivery line ¡¡4 High quality focusable beam ¡¡5 High repeat accuracy ¡¡6 Optimized pulse duration ¡¡7 Exceptionally high reliability ¡¡8 Maintenance-free operation

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