Collagen Crystal Hand Mask

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Dec,31, 2024

Product description: The nano-gold particles added into the transparent Crystal Eye Mask enables the latter of a great cell activating capacity. This is because that the nano-gold particles are only 1/2000 as large as pores, very easy to penetrate into the dermis. It can carry collagen deep into the skin to activate skin cells, promote toxin and dirt metabolisms, diminish black eye, eye pouches and oil granule At the same time, the gold particles can enhance the compactness of the fibrous tissue of collagen to turn the skin compact and elastic and reduce the fine lines and crow¡¯ s-feet around the eyes. . Ingredient: Collagen, NMF, Haluronic acid, Arbutin, Lavender Essential Oil, Mela-no Complex, Hydrolyzed GlycosaminogTycans User Instructions: 1. Wash and towel dry your hand before application. 2. Cut along the sealing. 3. Just put on the hand Mask on your hand. 4. Application time depends on the dryness of the hand. 15-20 minutes for normal use. For very dry hand, please apply the mask for 20-30 minutes. 5. Let the hand relax and rest during application for optimal results. 6. Please remove the mask after use, and massage the remaining essence on the hand until they are fully absorbed; or, use towel to wipe off the extra essence. No wash is needed.

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