Air filter home HEPA purifier

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Dec,31, 2023

Product Description : Composite Air Filter home £¨HEPA purifier£© scientists to commercial,industrial and hospital use and design.HEPA filter or using ultra-fine glass fiber PP meltblown filter media,is the world's most advanced compound with a static man-made fibers,the surface of the carrier by adding edible play a bactericidal effect of lysozyme can be more than the tiny particles from 0.3 micron to 99.97% over the filter effect.Including dust,pollen cigarette particles,airborne bacteria,pet dander,mold spores and other air impurities and particulater matter. Material: PP fine filter paper or glass fiber filter,waterproop paper or plastic shell casing Using: Used for vacuum cleaners,air filter,cleanliness requirement of high purification occasion Remark:Can do it based on the customer's requirement

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