Phosphor For Lamp, LED, PDP CRT And Ink

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Code No. Chemical name/Chemical Formula Emission color Emission peak Phosphors for daylight fluorescent lamps Calcium halo phosphate phosphors 3Ca3(PO4)2,Ca(F,Cl)2:Mn,Sb Phosphors for colored lamps, high pressure mercury lamps, printing and etc. JUP-1110 CaWO4: [W] ---Blue--- 417nm JUP-1112 CaWO4:Pb---Blue--- 440nm JUP-1103 Sr5Cl(PO4)3: Eu---Blue--- 447nm JUP-1105 (Ca,Sr,Ba)3(PO4)2Cl2:Eu---Blue--- 452nm JUP-1150 3Sr3(PO4)2,SrF2:Sb,Mn---Blue--- 502nm JUP-1200 Zn2SiO4:Mn---Green ---525nm JUP-1310 Y(PV)O4:Eu---Orange red--- 619nm JUP-1320 (ZnSr)3(PO4)2:Mn---Orange red--- 625nm JUP-1325 Y2O2S:Eu ---red---626nm JUP-1330 (Sr,Mg)3(PO4)2:Sn--- Orange red--- 630nm JUP-1350 3.5MgO,0.5MgF2,GeO2:Mn---Red--- 655nm JUP-1360 Mg5As2O11: Mn--- Red--- 660nm JUP-1400 Ca3(PO4)2,CaF2:Ce,Mn---Yellow ---568nm

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Shenyang Joinunion Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd. is previous Chemical Dept. of China Shenyang International Trade Group joined with Chemical Research Institute and Glass Research Institute. After many year’s endeavors, we accumulated a wealth of experience and have established supply bases of quality export goods, we invested many plants, such as phosphor plant, lighting plant, agricultural chemical plant, chemical reagent factory, and paint plant. Now we have established direct trading relationship with many commercial establishments in more than 50 countries and territories around the world. Our export business covers various luminophor materials, lighting and their relative components of ceramics and also chemical techniques etc and import the material of noble and non-ferrous metals, chemicals and the parts of machinery.