1 T/H Rice Husk Pellet Plant

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Dec,31, 2023

1 Ton Rice Husk Pellet Production Line Factory Site and Design Scale 1 Ton rice husk pellet production line is highly recommend for small scale pellet production. The suitable factory site for pellet production should be in the place with abundant & cheap raw material such as rice mill. And it would be better that the factory is near the port for convenient transportation.  The factory area is around 500©O including crushing shop, workshop and final product warehouse. Equipment lists in 1 T.H Rice Husk Pellet Production Line (Note: This design includes  drying process, if your rice husk material moisture is less than 18%, the drying process is not necessary) Please note the working staff in the pellet production line: One worker is responsible for electric control cabinet and pellet machine. And five workers are for these processes form feeding material to packing pellets. Property of Rice Husk Pellet Rice husk pellet is round and pelleted form of rice husk with high density, customized size and stable calorific value. Compared with rice husk of low-density and unusual shape, rice husk pellet is easier to store and transport due to a certain shape and uniform size. Meanwhile rice husk pellet has higher calorific value & less ash content, which is beneficial to the environment at the same time. As the new kind of bio-energy, rice husk pellet can be used in heating, living stoves, hot water boilers, industrial boilers, biomass power plant and so on to replace firewood, coal, fuel oil, liquefied petroleum gas. Especially in European areas, pellets are mainly for civil heating and domestic energy. 

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