horizontal pipe pump

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Dec,31, 2021

1. Operational Parameters: (1). Flow Range : 1.5 ~ 1200 m3/h (2). Lift Range : 8~150m; (3). Diameter Range : ¦Õ=25~500mm; (4). Temperature Range : 0~40 centigrade; 2. Product overview ISW single-stage single-horizontal centrifugal pump , using the latest hydraulic model ,meet ISO2858 requirements. Products are strictly accordance with the relevant requirements to be organized and produced, with stable quality ,reliable performance, and are the new horizontal centrifugal pump to replace the IS horizontal pump. Divided into basic type ,expansion flow type , A,B,C cutting type ,etc more than 400 specifications. According to the different flow medium and temperature, design and manufacture ISWR hot pump, ISWH chemical pump, ISWB oil pump ,ISWH chemical pump, ISWB oil pump ,and ISWHB horizontal explosion proof chemical pump series products of same performance parameters. 3. Using condition (1). The maximum working pressure of pump system ¡Ü1.6MPa, pump inlet pressure + pump lift ¡Ü1.6MPa , so when ordering please indicate the system working pressure. When the inlet pressure is greater than 0.4 MPa or the system working pressure is greater than 1.6MPa, please put forward when ordering , so that when manufacturing we can take appropriate measures in the pump flow portion and connection portion. (2). Applicable medium : solid insoluble matter volume content of the medium is no more than 0.1% of the unit volume , particle size is no more than 0.2mm, if the medium has fine particles , please indicate when ordering . (3). Ambient temperature doesn't exceed 40 centigrade, relative humidity is no more than 95%.

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