Truck-mounted drilling rig

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Dec,31, 2020

With an optimum structure and high-level integration, the whole rig requires a small working space. l The heavy-duty self-propelled chassis are available in various drive ways 8¡Á6, 10¡Á8, 12¡Á8, 14¡Á8, 14¡Á12, with hydraulic steering system which ensures good drilling accessibility, cruise capability and lateral stability, and also the working reliability of every component. l The matching between the engine and the transmission box ensures high driving efficiency and high working reliability. The drawworks and rotary tables can be driven by motors. l The drilling rig main brake can be band brake or hydraulic disc brake, and the auxiliary brake can be water cooling thrust plate pneumatic brake or water brake. l The rotary table transmission box provides forward-reverse shift, which is suitable for DP make up and break out operations, and is equipped with a reverse torque release device that ensures the DP deformation force releases safely. l The mast, which is front-open and double-sectioned with an inclination angle or with an erective double-section, can be raised up or laid down and telescoped hydraulically. l The drill floor is twin-body telescopic type or parallelogram structure, which is convenient for hoisting and transportation. The dimension and height of the drill floor can be designed based on customers¡¯ requirements. l The configurations of the solid control system, well control system, high-pressure manifold system, generator house, engine pump house, doghouse and other auxiliary equipment can meet the different requirements of the end-users.

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