Wire Forming Springs - WF01

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Dec,31, 2020

Customized Manufacturer of Wire Forming Springs As a leading Wire Forming Springs manufacturer, we offer Shaped Spring, Ring Springs and Flat Springs suitable for various industries, such as Precision Electronic Components, Sewing Machine, Stationery, Cosmetic Equipment, etc. Please feel free to contact us if you want to know more about Wire Forming Spring. As a customer-oriented company, we are more than happy to provide detailed information for you. Application We produce variety spring, such Compression Spring, Torsion Spring, Extension Spring, Wire Forming Spring, Strut, Flat Spring, and Leaf Spring. All products are customized and main designed and produced for precision electronic components, switches on appliance, optic instruments, medical equipment, sewing machine, car alternator, bicycles, refueling gun, horticultural tools, hand tools, cosmetic equipment, hardware like locks, and all stationery & gift. Materials Stainless steel wire, steel wire, copper wire, nickel-plated wire and oil-tempered wire. Finish treatment Zinc plating, nickel plating, chrome plating phosphate, color, painting, electro-deposit coating and polishing, antirust oil, anode, etc.

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