Bandwidth Output for Core-Based Current Sensing

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ISO 45001:2018
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Apr,30, 2021

The ACS70310 provides the highest accuracy current sensor IC for core-based current sensing ever offered from Allegro. This sensor is a programmable linear Hall-effect current sensor IC that has been designed to achieve industry leading accuracy and resolution without compromising bandwidth. Allegro programming provides a sensitivity of +/-1.2% and zero-amp output voltage offset of only +/-5mV over the operating temperature range of -40C to 150C. Temperature compensation is performed in the digital domain with integrated EEPROM technology which allows the sensor to maintain a 2uS response time and 240 kHz bandwidth analog signal path, making this device ideal for HEV inverter, DC-to-DC converter, and electric power steering (EPS) applications.

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Allegro MicroSystems is redefining the future of power and sensing technologies, helping our customers bring breakthrough innovations to life. From green energy to advanced mobility and motion control systems, Allegro’s intelligent solutions move the world forward and give our customers a competitive edge. Our global engineering, manufacturing and support, combined with our agility, make Allegro a trusted partner to both large enterprises and regional market leaders worldwide.