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Dec,31, 2021

We are offering our clients a wide range of Basic and Cationic Dyes,acid dyes,direct dyes,reductive dyes. Auramine O CAS:2465-27-2 Basic Violet 5BN CAS:548-62-9 Basic Blue 9 CAS:61-73-4 Victoria Blue B CAS:2580-56-5 Magenta green crystals CAS:14426-28-9 Bismarck brown Y CAS:10114-58-6 Catonic Yellow X-8GL CAS:12217-50-4 Cationic Brilliant Red 5GN CAS:12217-48-0 Cationic Red x-GRL CAS:29508-47-2 Basic Blue 3 CAS:33203-82-6 Direct Dyes: Direct Orange 26 (CAS No.) 3626-36-6 Direct Red 31 CAS No.: 5001-72-9 Direct Red 45 CAS No.:2150-33-6 Direct Red 28 CAS No.:573-58-0 Direct fast scarlet 4BS CAS No. 3441-14-3 Pigment Red 48:2 CAS No.7023-61-2 Pigment Red 48:1 CAS No.7585-41-3 Pigment Red 48:4 CAS No.5280-66-0 Pigment Violet 3 CAS No.1325-82-2 Reductive Dyes Vat Yellow 5RC CAS:475-71-8 Vat Scarlet R CAS:6424-77-7 Vat Brilliant Violet RR CAS:1324-55-6 Vat Blue BC CAS:130-20-1 Vat dark blue BO CAS:116-71-2

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