SBR rubber sheet

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Dec,31, 2023

CodeGW1001 Colourblack, red,blue,green,grey etc Characterwaterproof ,anti-shock and excellent sealing Applicationas the material of rubber gasket,rubber o-ring,rubber washer Specific information 1>Spec: 1-50mm×600-2000mm×1-20m(thickness×width×length) or according to the customers'request. 2>Detail character: waterproof,anti-shock,excellent sealing,oil resistant,acid resistant,alkali resitant,etc. 3>Detail use: 1) 3to be used as floor, 2) as the material of rubber gasket,rubber o-ring,rubber washer,etc. 4>Tips: we can produce this kind of rubber sheet,according to the customers' request.

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The company collect product research, production and the sale in a body and engaged in manufacturing and the sale . Our main market is to the worldwide.Main of our products are lead by Industry rubber sheet,Food grade series , Livestock rubber mat,Anti-slip rubber sheet,Insulation rubber sheet.Anti-static rubber sheet,Static conductive rubber sheet,Sponge rubber sheet,Snti-static rubber sheet , Light-colored products, as well as colored rubber sheet series ,Water proof and Anti-corrosive rubber sheet in different degrees.and we would take the production of the complicated rubber sheet product.