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DRI’s cutting edge R&D has resulted in the development of the ULTIMA DOAS which allows designers to provide ultimate fresh air ventilation as a single source responsibility. DOAS allows designers the DAQ (Divide and Conquer) approach in which DOAS takes care of the fresh air and internal latent load. The parallel system takes care of the internal sensible load. Unitary System – single point responsibility to provide Dry Cool Fresh Air in an energy effi cient manner Constant Supply Air conditions throughout the year Intelligent microprocessor controlled DRISMART EMS (Energy Management System) Applications include chilled beams and parallel systems (which separately cater for internal sensible load) Helps obtain substantial LEED points

Company Profile

Bry-Air designs and manufactures equipment for recovering total energy (sensible as well as latent) Our Energy Recovery equipment assists in meeting all the requirements of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), humidity control and energy.