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Advantage of assembling forging nozzle compared with casting nozzle: 1. Optimizing material, adopting 99.99% oxygen-free copper, but the purity of casting nozzle copper commonly is 99.85%. After being forged, metallurgical structure of copper is ¦Á-phase with higher density and better thermal conductivity; 2. The end surface of assembling forging nozzle is molded by single-press without welding seam, which improves durability and non-deformability and strengthens cooling conditions. Components of the nozzle are connected by braze welding except that the outer pipe is welded by argon arc welding and the middle pipe and water fender are joined by threads, which enhances safety factor together with the weld less end surface. 3. The inner wall of casting nozzle is usually unevenly rough and with poor thermal conductivity, while the forging nozzle¡¯s wall is even and smooth and the thickness is reduced on the premise of meet the mechanical strength. The wall thickness of assembling nozzle is thinner than casting, furthermore, it has better thermal conductivity, which benefit heat transfer from high temperature outer surface to water-cooled internal surface. 4. Because of increased inner chamber of assembling forging lance nozzle, high pressure cooling water flow rate is much higher than the original casting nozzle flow, and that improves the efficiency of the cooling; 5. The forging nozzle adopts water fender to guide the water flow to the nozzle end, streamline is reasonable and distribution is uniform. 6. There are water guidance and diversion awls on upper and lower of water inlet to collect the flow from outside to inside and overturn in center to cool the nozzle end intensively. Thus the problem of the central nozzle end easy to stick steel is solved out because of rational distribution of water flow and good cooling effect.

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Shandong Chongsheng Metallurgical Oxygen Lance Co., Ltd is an enterprise specialized in research and production of metallurgical oxygen lances and nozzles, located in Weifang Hi-Tech Industry Development Zone. Key products in our company are oxygen lances and oxygen lance nozzles for various kinds of converters, electric furnace and electrode grips for tuyere, slag notch, assembling&forging nozzles. We supply nozzle products to various steel plants such as Bao Steel, Wuhan Steel, Capital Steel, Ma Steel and so on with the market share of 70 percent at home. In addition, our products have substituted products imported from Japan, America, Germany, France, Italy. At the same time, we export our products to Belgium, Spain, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Vietnam, India and Brazil, etc.