Sea buckthorn seed oil fruit Oil &softgel

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Dec,31, 2020

Manufacturer: KINGHERBS LIMITED The function of Seabuckthorm Seed Oil that include nursing and anti-aging effect. The function for liver is protection. The main anticancer element of Seabuckthorm seed oil has remarkale effect in controling tumorous and increase organism immunity.And to enhance immunity of cancerous person ect. Uses of Sea Buckthorn Numerous pharmacological effects are documented in the scientific literature, including antimicrobial, antiulcerogenic, antioxidant, anticancer, radioprotective activity, platelet aggregation, liver injury, cardiovascular risk factors, and effects on skin and mucosa. Sea Buckthorn Dosing Five to 45 g of seed oil and 300 mL/day of juice have been studied in clinical trials. Sea Buckthorn Interactions Sea buckthorn oil reportedly induces the cytogenetic activity of cyclophosphamide and farmorubicin. Toxicology Sea buckthorn has been used as a food in Asia and in Europe. Toxicological studies in animals suggest seed oil and oil from the fruit's soft parts are safe. Acute and chronic toxicity of blood, liver, and heart as well as mutagenicity and teratogenicity of sea buckthorn oils have been studied.

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