Waste Lubricant Oil Purification Machine

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Dec,31, 2024

The TYA lubricant oil purification machine adopts pressure purification or vacuum evaporation, the pressure filtration type mainly remove solid impurities and the vacuum type remove water and gas. This lubricant oil purification machine is mainly used in power plants, power plants, industrial and mining enterprises for turbine oil and lubricating oil purification and regeneration. Particularly suitable for severe aqueous or turbid emulsified turbine oil, hydraulic oil and the high-viscosity lubricant oil purification treatment. Website: http://www.nkoilfiltration.com MSN/email:nkoilpurifier3@hotmail.com Yahoo Messenger/email:nkoilpurifier2@yahoo.com Skype: nkoilpurifier Tel:0086-23-68645069 Mobile Phone:0086-15922916560 Fax:0086-23-68089506

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