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SDV15L Series slewing Cushion Valve for mobile crane Application In order to improve the cushion performance and safety work of slewing mechanism in 8~16 ton hydraulic mobile crane, we adopt the advantage of XH10Z rotary cushion valve and develop SDV15L cushion valve group. The products are installed on the hydraulic mobile crane from 8 to 20 tons. Functions and features The product reserves the main functions of XH10Z rotary damper valve: 1. Automatic protection for normal overload; 2. The automatic shock-buffering function can automatically keep the synchronous rotation of arm support, wire rope and cargo in case of any sudden start or stop and sharp acceleration of deceleration so as to reduce cargo swing and the vibration of arm support to the largest extent. 3. The solenoid valve control can realize free rotation at low pressure. 4. When the rotary oil motor produces negative moment condition, cushion valve A or B can recharge oil from T cavity to prevent system suction.

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Ningbo Yuzhou Hydraulic specialized in mobile hydraulic valves and motors, Including hydraulic motors, flow sharing control valve, slewing cushion valve, balance valve, proportional valve, cartridge valve, relief valve, check valve etc, which are widely used in concrete pump machinery, excavators, mobile cranes, forklift, hydraulic winches, drilling equipment, garbage trucks, agricultural/forestry machines, Aerial Work Platforms etc.