open cup flash point and fire point tester

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Dec,31, 2023

Features 1, using a special form of furnace, ensure the safety of trial; heating power continuously adjustable to meet the test requirements. 2, the instrument is designed for desktop structure, stainless steel countertops and stainless Gang Gang furnace shell, beautiful and generous. 3, the instrument is complete, users simply accompanied by gas or other civilian combustible gas can be tested. 4, covered with the flame is extinguished, in line with the requirements of ignition test. Technical Parameters 1 Power supply: AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz. 2, the heating device: quartz tube furnace heat, no fire, explosion, power 0~600W continuously adjustable. 3, designated sweeping device: automatic sweep program. 4, thermometer: -6 ~ 400 ℃, dividing 2 ℃, technical conditions are met petroleum products testing liquid thermometer technical conditions GB provisions / T514's. 5, the ignition device: ⑴ ignition sources: gas (or other civilian combustible gas, the same below); ⑵ spout aperture: 0.6~0.8 mm. 6, ambient temperature: -10 ℃ ~50 ℃. 7, the relative humidity: ≤85%. 8. Total power consumption: less than 650W.

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Changsha Friend Experimental Analysis Instrument Co., Ltd is a leading brand of petroleum product analysis apparatus field at china. As a professional manufacturers of petroleum testing equipment, we are an active member in standards organizations and lead standard development to guarantee that the methods meet customer requirements of precision and ease of use. which is why friend Instrument Company is a leading producer and supplier of petroleum and petrochemical instrumentation in china.