Toothpick machine, Chopsticks machine

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Dec,31, 2020

Toothpick machine, Chopsticks machine, Barbecue skewer machine, BBQ skewer machine This line is used for processing toothpicks, disposable chopsticks, or barbecue skewers, it is made up of some individual machines which include bamboo cross cutting machine, bamboo splitting machine, bamboo strip edge planning machine, stick forming machine, tip sharpener, polishing machine, and cutter sharpener etc. You may contact us at liciawu(at)126(dot)com Or 0086-18058691905 for further information.

Company Profile

Shengzhou Reyda Machinery Co, Ltd is a professional electromechanical equipment business based in Shengzhou city, Zhejiang province, China. Has years of experiences in machinery field. Nowadays, we are concentrating on introducing our best machines abroad. Our main products include: Mechanical press, bench press Micronizer, Pulverizer Soap machine Drinking straw machine Paper napkin machine, tissue machine, sanitary towel machine, disposable paper diaper machine Flexography printing machine, flexo printing machine, screen printing machine Ball point pen machine Packing machine Artificial climate box, growth cabinet, germinator Ice cream machine Toothpick machine, chopsticks machine, Barbecue skewer machine Incense machine Bamboo mat & curtain line Bamboo flooring line Ice cream stick machine