Therapeutic Massage Gel Seat Cushion

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Dec,31, 2023

1.Granular (massage) gel surface with advantages of slow down temperature rising, prevent ischemia problem, pressure sores and so on. 2. PU foam can match our sitting posture pretty well & disperse pressure when sitting for a long time. It will relax our body to reach pressure-free feeling. 3. "Massage gel seat cushion combined PU foam" creates a reasonable structure for you. It not only keeps advantages of massage gel seat cushion GSC-003 and PU foam, but also avoids heat accumulation from PU foam. 4. You can OEM size, shape and so on for your own purpose.

Company Profile

 We have more than 20 years experience in processing soft and foam materials.  We are specialized in product customization and OE manufacturing for soft and foam products.  GELTEC started its business in shoe industry as an Insole maker in 1970s.  In 1990, by applying Latex Foam and PU Foam, computer mouse pad, wrist rest, and arm rest have being developed and manufactured for customers and consumers.  We also applied Transprent PU Gel and Memory Foam to develop different products for home and health applications such as mats, cushions and mattresses.  Until now, GELTEC has been developing and manufacturing a wide range of products using soft and foam materials.
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