Extra Virgin Ginger Oil

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Dec,31, 2024

The Oil was produced under physical extraction Without Chemical Treatment, No preservatives were Added. Refreshing Bitter Taste in Ginger is a natural carminative It's also Help to Reduce undesirable Smell in Foods.

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From learning seriously researching the properties of pure oil. (Extra Virgin Oil) made from spices and herbs. The hot spices Of the east, which is filled with the value of drugs and nutrients. The illness can be treated as natural. Including the production of cleaning products. Skin and effectively. And free from harmful chemicals Natreetorn is processed into Health Valuable from head to toe. The time to go back more than 20 years, beginning as we continue to seek pure sesame oil. Still valuable natural nutrients. And nothing else to do. "one medicine" to treat ailments in the home However, we found that the oil in the market, are processed to produce a result in the loss of nutrients. Some of the valuable vitamins. When introduced into a medicinal drug, then the result is not as expected. Thus, the invention process oil from sesame seeds. To get complete nutrition from natural 100% to begin with the principle. Process that does not use heat to destroy important nutrients, sesame oil and will no solvents or other additives.